Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Sam Gopal-Escalator (Rare Undregound w. Lemmy 1969)

Sam Gopal was fronted by the young tabla player of the same name as Sam Gopal Dream,
 an acoustic raga-without-sitar group that had previously performed at UFO and other hippy London venues.
But by the time they recorded this, their first album, he had added not only electric guitar,
but also former Jimi Hendrix’s roadie, Ian “Lemmy” Willis to the lineup on further fuzz guitar and vocals.
This album pre-dates Lemmy’s induction into Hawkwind’s ragged ranks by several years, but the germ of Hawkwind’s (and in time, Motörhead)
“The Watcher” is in the horribly fuzzed and equally-strung out “You’re Alone Now. On other tracks the bass player seems to be playing very crude early Motörhead runs,
so they may have been parrot-taught or even played by Lemmy himself.
"Yesterlove" and "grass" are my favorite songs of the album!! 

01. Cold Embrace
02. The Dark Lord
03. The Sky Is Burning
04. You're Alone Now
05. Grass
06. It's Only Love
07. Horse
08. Escalator
09. Angry Faces
10. Midsummer Nights Dream
11. Season Of The Witch
12. Yesterlove
13. Back Door Man

Enjoy ! ! !

05. Grass

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