Saturday, 5 September 2009

AWAKE - Dreams made of Science (2008)

Country: Greece

Genre: space-kraut hybrid

Review from is a neo kraut-spacious rockin' project founded by multi-instrumentalist by John Dimoulas. With guest member Sakis Kasolis (guitar) he worked on his third auto-released album called Dreams Made of Science.  Next to combos such as Electric Orange, Metabolismus and a few others, Awake sounds as a potential resurrection of kraut-kosmische musik. The instrumentation oscillates between pure cosmic new agey / lo-fi electronics and hypno-rockin' exercises. Dreams Made of Science has been released as a double album. The opneing theme is a mysteriously sonic and black synthscape. Before to get into utterly black and claustrophobic lo-fi electronic ambience. The composition starts with a quiet naive-calm synthesised introduction. The third piece reveals an astonishing cloudy-funereal fuzzed out trip based on propulsive kraut-guitar grooves, plaintive minimal organ chords. Clearly among my favourites. No God represents the spaced out drone vibe of the band. This is reminiscent of old krauty hypno works from Dom and Mythos. Ululation is a massive goth-like synthesised piece. This is just mood and demonic ambience but nothing otherworldly or cinematic because of the use of elementary synthesised equipment. Te second chapter opens with two cheap-mechanical symphonic epics. The use of synthesiser toys badly affect the result despite that the initial music intention remains pretty interesting. A special mention to the warm-emotional epic guitar leads that help a lot to keep the listener attentive. The rest of the album carries on the sci-fi , space age dimension of the project. To sum up things, Dreams Made of Science features discernable, tasty and evocative primitive spacey rock experiments. A promising effort with a few brilliant ideas and cachy chordal atmospheres.


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