Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Philly Crawlers - The Philly Crawlers (2011)

The Philly Crawlers are a four-member psychedelic pop/rock band from Kalamazoo, Michigan .
The album was released in 2011, though recorded in 2009-10 . It's a really great album with beautiful keyboards
and heavy psychedelic guitars . All the songs of the album are great and that's why it's really difficult to choose which is my favourite . I think " Door Hinge " is one of the most psychedelic songs of the album .

The Members :

Peter Damien Cook - guitar & vocals

Daniel Gast - bass

Nate Hartmann - keyboard, guitar & vocals

M.D. Wood - drums

01-sound czech
02-ragtime nuisance
03-hunger artist
04-advice for the dropout
05-door hinge
07-alls well in this house tonite
08-reel filler

You can also visit the band's website

Enjoy ! ! !

05-door hinge