Thursday, 5 November 2009

Cornucopia-Full Horn (Germany 1973)

I recently found that Lp and i was really surprised. Their music is really good, although they sound like Thirsty Moon.
1973's Full Horn was Cornucopia's only release, but the seven members of this German progressive rock band made sure that it was a worthwhile accomplishment. 
The 20-minute suite "Day of a Daydream Believer" takes up the first side and includes lots of organ, 
thundering bass & guitar work, energetic drumming and also some flute & saxophone.
By 1974, Cornucopia got left behind in the advent of the German music scene of the early '70s, failing to
record any other album.

Truck List:
01 - Day Of A Day-Dream Believer
02 - Morning Sun
03 - Spot On You, Kids
04 - And The Madness...
Enjoy ! ! !

01 - Day Of A Day-Dream Believer

Sunday, 1 November 2009

[By Request] Catapilla-Changes (1972)

Catapilla were formed in the late 1960s in west London,
who released two interesting albums of experimental jazz rock.
The second and last album from Catapilla was
even weirder and more experimental than the debut, but actually also better.
Originally released in 1972 on Vertigo and even more sought after by collector's than their 1971 album 'Catapilla'.
Their music can described as unusual and mysterious progressive rock.
The music seems often to be based on jams, and always dominated by Calvert`s saxophone and Meek's voice.

1. Reflections
2. Charing Cross
3. Thank Christ for George
4. It Could Only Happen to Me

Enjoy ! ! !

4. It Could Only Happen to Me