Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Fraction-Moon Blood (1971 USA)

Fraction: A Heavy psychedelic band. This 1971 release on the Angelus label (Angelus 571) was limited to only 200 copies, so originals are worth a small fortune. Fraction, with vocalist Jim Beach bearing an uncanny vocal resemblance to Jim Morrision (although he was singing on Sunset Strip long before Morrison took to the stage), were often compared favourably with the Doors, although their quasi-religious message would probably not have found favour with the recently-departed Morrison.  Lyrically it’s where some lysergic bible of semi-religious ergotism, christian redemption and physical/psychological stoned destruction meet.  see the exorcismic plea of ‘come out of her’… 

Track List
01 - Sanc-Divided
02 - Come Out Of Her
03 - Eye Of The Hurricane
04 - Sons Come To Birth
05 - This Bird (Sky High)
06 - Prisms (bonus)
07 - Dawning Light (bonus)
08 - Intercessor's Blues (bonus)


02 - Come Out Of Her

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