Sunday, 24 April 2011

Advancement - The Advancement (US 1969)

Only album by the obscure US West Coast instrumental sextet The Advancement, established by the bassist Lou Kabok and drummer Hal Gordon, both members at the time of the famous Hungarian guitarist Gabor Szabo’s quintet.
This beautiful and obscure gem is one of the earliest examples of Fusion, with the distinct West Coast Jazz influence, tasteful, relaxed and cool. Very melodic, with some great writing and arranging by the band members, this music is quite different from the Fusion mainstream, and therefore unique.

01 - Juliet.
02 - Painful Struggle.
03 - Stone Folk.
04 - Grass Mass.
05 - Sunflower.
06 - She.
07 - Moorish Mode.
08 - Hobo Express.
09 - Child At Play.
10 - Fall Out.

05. Sunflower

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