Thursday, 25 March 2010

Captain Marryat-Captain Marryat ( Glasgow Uk 1974)

This is a real Master piece. Amazing excellent wonderful album.One of my favourites for sure.
Unfortunately the whole album is in just 1 mp3. Sorry about that but i didn't find time to split it up.
Captain Marryat is a Scottish band, and have been playing together for just a year.
They were from Glasgow and they recorded this demo album in 1974, released in a tiny pressing on the Thor label, hoping to get an EMI or Chrysalis deal, who both showed interest in the band at the time. They wanted to record only a single, but instead came up with a complete album of self-composed tracks.

The line-up was:
Ian McEleny (lead guitar, acoustic guitar), Allan Bryce (organ, vocals), Hugh Finnegan (bass, vocals) and
Jimmy Rorrison (sic) (drums, vocals) and Tommy Hendry (vocals, acoustic guitar).

Track list:

01 Blindness
02 It Happened to Me
03 A Friend
04 Songwriter's Lament
05 Changes
06 Dance of Thor

Enjoy ! ! !

Captain Marryat - Blindness - 1974 (Glasgow)(coming soon)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Lüger-Lüger(space rock Spain 2010)

I just listened to this really good album from Lüger.
Lüger is a Madrid-based quintet formed by Diego (guitar, main vocals), Dani (bass, vocals), Mario (organ, synth, vocals), Rulo (drums, samplers, effects, vocals) and Lopin (floor tom, metal sheets, percussion). They play or played in other bands such as Los Imposibles, The Awesome J'Haybers, Tres Delicias, Steelwood or Jet Lag, although Lüger is by far the most psychedelic of them all. First jam was back in Nov 2008, first show in March 2009. After playing a bunch of shows with the likes of The Intelligence, Shooting Spires, Blues Control or Rosvita, they recorded their first LP in September 2009 with famous Spanish producer Paco Loco in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz. It was mixed and mastered by Ruben Suarez at Red Led studios in Madrid. The LP will be released on April 15th, 2010, but it is also free to download off the band's bandcamp site They are signed to Spanish underground label/promoter Giradiscos (

They are heavily influenced by classic acts such as Hawkwind, Faust, Neu! or Caravan but their sound is not vintage and rather modern. Their high-energy songs could remind you of modern-day psych-heads Oneida, Wooden Shjips or The Black Angels.

Myspace site:

My favorite song is "Swastika sweetheart" which is a really good song.

Lineup is:

Diego - guitar/main vox
Dani - bass/vox
Mario - organ/synth/vox
Rulo - drums/samplers/effects/vox
Lopin - floor tom/metal sheets/percussion/vox

Track list:
1.Spotted introspective female firecracker (intro) 06:38
2.Swastika sweetheart 07:04
3.Die Sonne muss untergehen! 05:40
4.Bedlam in a sugar plum fairy reception (excerpt) 02:30
5.Why should I care? 05:15
6.Portrait of a distant look 04:49
7.La fin absolue du monde 04:50

Enjoy ! ! !

MÁQUINA! — Why? (proto-prog spain 1970)

This is a really beautiful album that i recently found. It's a really
classic item of the spanish progressive psychedelia and maybe the very first underground rock group to have recorded in Franco’s Spain. In 1970 Franco was still in the government in Spain and it wasn't easy to make progressive rock.
A stunning artwork depicting a clock rising from a croissant was clearly a call for Spanish youth to wake-up (and have a good breakfast) and get ready for a new day.

The opening track "I believe" is a superb instrumental with organ-piano and
aggressive guitar.Then comes high fly Psychedelia with the twenty five minute
title track "why?" Really amazing.

Track list
01.I believe
04.Let me be born
05.Earth's daughter
06.Look away our happiness

Enjoy ! ! !

01. I Believe

Monday, 22 March 2010

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Shag - Selftitled (Heavy-Psych US 1969)

I remember many years ago , when a good friend of mine ( he is known as "Awake"), gave me this Lp from Shag.
It's a really interesting Lp and till now i am still trying to buy it but i can't find it.
This band is from Milwaukee and it's famous for its 1967 psych 7" "Stop & listen".
The made some excellent psychedelic tracks.
“Gypsies in the Forest” is my favourite track from this Lp , which is very rhythmic-melodic and has
great rocking flute.

Truck List:
01. Gypsies In The Forest - 3.06
02. Mad Hatter - 2.58
03. Riddle - 2.47
04. Anyone´s Song - 2.46
05. Cold Duck Wino - 6.17
06. Lavendar Tab, Ooh Dilly Dilly - 7.26
07. Lovely Lady - 4.08

Enjoy ! ! !

01. Gipsies In The Forest