Thursday, 25 March 2010

Captain Marryat-Captain Marryat ( Glasgow Uk 1974)

This is a real Master piece. Amazing excellent wonderful album.One of my favourites for sure.
Unfortunately the whole album is in just 1 mp3. Sorry about that but i didn't find time to split it up.
Captain Marryat is a Scottish band, and have been playing together for just a year.
They were from Glasgow and they recorded this demo album in 1974, released in a tiny pressing on the Thor label, hoping to get an EMI or Chrysalis deal, who both showed interest in the band at the time. They wanted to record only a single, but instead came up with a complete album of self-composed tracks.

The line-up was:
Ian McEleny (lead guitar, acoustic guitar), Allan Bryce (organ, vocals), Hugh Finnegan (bass, vocals) and
Jimmy Rorrison (sic) (drums, vocals) and Tommy Hendry (vocals, acoustic guitar).

Track list:

01 Blindness
02 It Happened to Me
03 A Friend
04 Songwriter's Lament
05 Changes
06 Dance of Thor

Enjoy ! ! !

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  1. Hi,
    What an album this is! A real masterpiece indeed. Beautiful organ driven gem with lovely arrangements. 'Blindness' and 'A Friend' are just superb. Too bad its their only album.
    Please suggest some similarly good psych albums.
    Thank you for this nice album