Tuesday, 23 March 2010

MÁQUINA! — Why? (proto-prog spain 1970)

This is a really beautiful album that i recently found. It's a really
classic item of the spanish progressive psychedelia and maybe the very first underground rock group to have recorded in Franco’s Spain. In 1970 Franco was still in the government in Spain and it wasn't easy to make progressive rock.
A stunning artwork depicting a clock rising from a croissant was clearly a call for Spanish youth to wake-up (and have a good breakfast) and get ready for a new day.

The opening track "I believe" is a superb instrumental with organ-piano and
aggressive guitar.Then comes high fly Psychedelia with the twenty five minute
title track "why?" Really amazing.

Track list
01.I believe
04.Let me be born
05.Earth's daughter
06.Look away our happiness

Enjoy ! ! !

01. I Believe

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