Thursday, 10 June 2010

Art - Supernaturally fairy tales (U.k. 1967)

I believe it's a very good psychedelic and progressive hard rock album. 
Art was vocalist/keyboardist Mike Harrison, guitarist Luther Grosvenor, bassist Greg Ridley and drummer Mike Kellie before singer/keyboardist Gary Wright joined them and they became Spooky Tooth. 
Art released just this one album, Supernatural Fairy Tales back in 1967.

Tracks :
1. I Think I'm Going Weird
2. What's That Sound
3. African Thing
4. Room With A View
5. Flying Anchors
6. Supernatural Fairy Tale
7. Love Is Real
8. Come On Up
9. Brothers, Dads & Mothers
10. Talkin' To Myself
11. Alive Not Dead
12. Rome Take Away Three

Enjoy ! ! !

 I Think I'm Going Weird

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