Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sweet Smoke-Just A Poke (1970 US)

This is one of my favorite albums. I remember many years ago when i was in a small club with my friends, and i heard the " Baby Night " song. I was really surprised of that band. Next morning i bought the album.
Sweet Smoke was created in 1967 at Brooklyn New York where all members lived. The original members were Andrew Dershin, Mike Paris, Victor Sacco, Jay Dorfman and Marvin Kaminovitz. The complete name of the band was : "Sweet Smoke of the Happy Plant Pipefull".
Sweet Smoke was an American music group living and playing in Europe from 1970 till 1974. Originally from N.Y. the group moved to Germany where they lived as a family commune.

Truck list
1-baby night
2-Silly Sally

01. Baby Night

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